As the weather has become colder more and more residents are leaving their vehicles running and unattended. This has led to a marked increase vehicles stolen in various areas in the Towson Precinct Often times these vehicles are left running on the roadway, in driveways and in front of businesses. We will be placing Vehicle Theft Prevention Council placards on windshields of running vehicles, and doing our best to inform residents when violations are observed. The rear of the placard (below) gives more specifics of when this becomes a violation of the law.
Also please be aware of valet keys left in vehicles, and if a family member or friend may have keys to your car in another vehicle parked nearby. These two minor oversights are also making it easier for thieves to steal your car without any force.

Vehicles can and are stolen in all neighborhoods based on availability and how many safeguards residents deploy. When vehicles are stolen they are often used in more serious crimes and taken out of Baltimore County.

Please do your part to inform your residents and customers.

Thank You for your partnership and continued support.

Captain Jan R. Brown #3384
Baltimore County Police Department
Towson Precinct
115 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Towson, Md. 21204
(410) 887-3143