Open Space Matching Grants Program

Towson Communities Alliance has collected open space fees from several Towson development projects. These fees will be disbursed to Towson-area groups over the next several years.

General Information:

  • Application must be fully completed and returned by May 31, 2024 to be considered for a grant.
  • These funds will be granted only to projects not already budgeted by Baltimore County.
  • Any size grant will be considered up to $5,000. No single project or organization may apply for more than $5,000.
  • Funds will be distributed in late summer/early Fall by mail OR the community association delegate must arrange a meeting to pick up the grant from the TCA Treasurer.
  • Grant funds must be matched by the applicant/organization with a minimum of 30% of the total project cost (not including value of volunteer labor or donations).
  • The projects must be of general public use and improve park, green and open spaces by adding or improving amenities that promote outdoor recreation; improve the “greening” of Towson and quality of life for residents. (Some suggested and prohibited uses are shown on page 4 of the application).
  • Permission from county agencies for installation or changes to public property must be made by the applicant and included with the application.
  • Community associations applying for these funds must have been members of TCA for a minimum of the last 2 years.
  • Associations must be “in good standing” with the State of Maryland (as advised on the SDAT website).
  • Applications must be for FUTURE projects. TCA cannot retroactively reimburse for any completed projects.
  • All applications must be accompanied by an application fee of $10 for administration costs.
  • Please submit all supporting documentation with the application, including photos of the proposed project where possible, and detailed budget information.
  • It is important that receipts are provided to TCA after the grant money is used. TCA is the custodian of funds for the community and transparency is critical.
  • Photos of the completed project funded by TCA grants are required please.
  • Unfunded grant requests may be submitted again in the next calendar year. The previous year’s funded groups must wait at least one year before reapplying.
  • All grants submitted will be reviewed by TCA executive board of directors (as fiscal custodians of the Open Space funds) at the end of the application period, and then voted on by the TCA delegates. Funds will be made available at a subsequent TCA meeting. The board may request an interview with the applicant/responsible person for the project if needed.

Grant Application

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