Councilman David Marks will introduce a resolution on Monday, January 16 allowing for a review of the redevelopment proposal for the Bosley Mansion.

​The mansion operated as the Presbyterian Home of Maryland, an assisted living center and nursing home, until 2016. Since the closure of that facility, Councilman Marks and community leaders have pressed for a plan that retains the 166-year-old mansion and as much of the expansion green lawn as possible.

In keeping with his longtime opposition to increased commercialization west of Bosley Avenue, Councilman Marks opposed an effort in 2016 to lease the property for offices and commercial uses.

This summer, developers Marty Azola and Delbert Adams submitted a proposal for a Planned Unit Development that would adaptively reuse the mansion, with up to 45 luxury condominiums built in and around the property. That plan is supported by three key stakeholder organizations: the Southland Hills Improvement Association, the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations, and the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County.

“After nearly two years, I believe the proposal submitted by Marty Azola and Delbert Adams is the most realistic plan for preserving the mansion and as much of the green space as possible,” Councilman Marks commented. “Neither the state nor county governments is likely to buy this property, and if this proposal collapses, the owners have indicated they will turn to other buyers. Azola and Adams, with their long history of historic preservation, are the right developers to save the Bosley Mansion.”

​”While the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County is pleased to see the preservation language in the PUD and is delighted that the project will be in the hands of Azola and Adams, it will continue to work with the parties involved to obtain a definitive agreement to the protection and long-term maintenance of Dr. Grafton Bosley’s home as the property is developed,” added Timothy Bishop, chairman of the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County.

A copy of a letter of support from the Southland Hills Improvement Association is below.​ In that letter, SHIA President Jennifer Bolster says the following: “We have been very impressed with how Bosley Estates LLC Principals Marty Azola and Delbert Adams have worked closely with the community in the last eight months. They have attended numerous meetings, answered emails, and spent hours with neighbors discussing the project. They are receptive to neighbors’ ideas and concerns for redevelopment in the vernacular and character of our neighborhood. They are committed to preserving the Bosley Mansion, the large trees, and open space that neighbors cherish.”   ​

“I welcome input from any residents and stakeholders over the next month as the County Council considers the resolution,” Marks concluded. “I am open to all suggestions, but want to emphasize that I believe this is the most realistic proposal to preserving the mansion and as much green space as possible.”

Letter from Southland Hills
PUD Resolution