From Baltimore County Government:

During the evening hours on Friday, December 30, 2022, Baltimore County Police Officers from Precinct 6 handled several incidents in Towson while managing a large crowd of juveniles and young adults in outdoor areas after local venues closed. A total of 8 arrests (1 adult and 7 juvenile) resulted. The adult was charged with assault and resisting arrest. Despite numerous reports about weapons, no weapons were recovered by police. No injuries were reported. There were incidents involving property damage, which are being investigated.

Throughout the evening, police worked cooperatively with security staff from local businesses to restrict access to overcrowded areas and to prevent individuals from re-entering closed businesses. Additional police including K-9 and Aviation units responded to assist Towson Precinct officers, due to the large and unruly crowd. East Joppa Road between Virginia Avenue and the York Road roundabout was briefly shut down while uniformed officers directed a crowd of approximately 250 to move safely to York Road in order to access MTA buses and ride share pickups.

Baltimore County Chief of Police Dennis Delp stated, “I am proud of our Police Department’s effective and professional response in Towson last night.” Chief Delp continued, “Today we are contacting local businesses to ensure continued good coordination for the rest of the holiday weekend.”

Update 6/2024 – Original article has been deleted on Police Response to Reported Disturbance