Baltimore County will charge developers more fees for parks and open space – Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore County Council on Tuesday approved new legislation that eliminates deductions from fees paid by developers set aside to build and maintain small parks and other open space. County law requires developers to set [...]

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In rare move, judge rejects development, citing Baltimore County’s sewer problems | Baltimore Brew

In a decision considered unprecedented in Baltimore County, a large-scale development has been disapproved on the grounds that it would negatively impact on the county’s overburdened sewage system. Construction of Bluestem Village, an apartment and [...]

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What Tuesday’s Hearing Revealed about the “Gutting” of County Open Space Requirements – NeighborSpace of Baltimore County

"I am deeply saddened by the actions of lower level [County] staffers who cooperated with and illegally endorsed the developer’s efforts to totally gut the County’s open space requirements." (Attorney Robert Smith, testifying in favor [...]

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Baltimore County lets developers count parking islands as open space. A new bill could change that. – Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County is missing out on money for public parks and trails because of deductions from fees paid by developers, according to a nonprofit that works to conserve open space in neighborhoods. The group, NeighborSpace [...]

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