Board of Directors

Our officers for 2024:

  • President: Henry Callegary (Campus Hills)
  • Vice President: Bryan Fischer (Knettishall)
  • Vice President: Phoebe Evans Letocha (Stoneleigh)
  • Treasurer: Joe Goodman (Campus Hills)
  • Secretary: Peter Dimitriades (Rodgers Forge)
  • At-Large: Ed Kilcullen (Towson Manor Village)
  • At-Large: Paul Hartman (Aigburth Manor)
  • At-Large: Lorrie Geiss (Greenbrier)

IT Manager

Webmaster & email admin: Paul Hartman, email:, The Computer Engineering Group, Inc.


The Towson Communities Alliance has both standing and ad hoc committees. Below is a list of current committees of the TCA.

Fireworks Committee

The Towson Fireworks are sponsored by Towson Communities Alliance and receives NO financial support from government or tax dollars.


  • Mike Ertel, Chair
  • Bryan Fischer
  • Joe Goodman
  • Henry Callegary
  • Paul Hartman (website, email and other tech support)

University Relations Committee

The University Relations Committee was formed in the spring of 2006 to promote positive relations between Towson University and the surrounding residential communities.


  • Greg Bauer, Co-Chair (Burkleigh Square)
  • Richard Ames-Ledbetter (Aigburth Manor)
  • Henry Callegary (Campus Hills)
  • Captain Craig Schroeder (Commander, Towson Precinct, Baltimore County Police Department)
  • Renee Carter (Towson Manor Village)
  • Tracey Marcantoni (Burkleigh Square)
  • Mike Ertel (Baltimore County Council, 6th District)
  • David Riley (Knollwood)
  • Anthony Skevakis (Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Student Affairs, Towson University)
  • Gerry Trulove (Rodgers Forge)
  • Joni Gartner (Towson Green)
  • Kathleen Maloney (Executive Director of Government and Community Relations, Towson University)
  • Allison Peer (Associate Dean of Students, Towson University)
  • Michelle Rauch (Assistant Director of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices, Towson University)
  • Alonza Williams (Office of Civic Engagement, Baltimore County District 6 Outreach)
  • Chaunte Thomas (Baltimore County Liquor Board Administrator)

Government Relations Committee

(Committee on hiatus) A Community Relations Committee was formed in the spring of 2007 to address issues of concern to the Greater Towson communities. The committee focused primarily on issues related to Towson University’s enrollment growth and researched practices, policies, and legislation in place in towns and cities that are home to colleges and universities throughout the country. In October 2007, the University Relations Committee issued it’s Preliminary Recommendations to Address the Impact of Towson University’s Growth on the Greater Towson Area. The recommendations were presented to Towson University, state legislators, county council members and county officials, identified strategies to be employed at the state level, county level, and at Towson University to reduce the impact of TU’s enrollment growth. The committee worked with county and state officials and with TU officials and the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to press for implementation of the recommendations, with significant success. To see a full copy of the recommendations, click here.

In the spring of 2010, the TCA reconfigured its committees and merged the Community Relations Committee with the Zoning and Legislative Committees, renaming the committee the Government Relations Committee. The new committee focuses on any issues of concern to Towson neighborhoods that involve government intervention, including zoning and planning, code enforcement, legislation, and public policy, etc.


  • Ed Kilcullen, Chair
  • Lorrie Geiss
  • Paul Hartman
  • G.T. Keplinger

Education Committee

This committee was formed in January 2011 to focus on issues related to the schools serving the Greater Towson area.

  • Phoebe Letocha, Chair

Business Committee

(Committee on hiatus) This committee was formed in January 2011 to maintain and enhance the TCA’s relationship with the business community in Towson.

Towson Reservoir Committee (2010-2012)

This ad hoc committee was formed in January 2010 in response to the planned renovation of the reservoir on Hillen Road at Stevenson Lane. This project began in mid-2010 and took three years to complete. Road closures and other disruptions were expected. The committee kept the TCA membership informed about plans for the reservoir. Members: David Kosak, Chair; Mary-Lou Stenchley (Aigburth Manor Association of Towson)

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