Saying he is “not satisfied” with development along Joppa Road in the area where it intersects with Loch Raven Boulevard in Towson, Baltimore County Councilman David Marks said he plans to review the properties and zoning designations in that area to “attempt to spur improvement.”

“I would like there to be some more residential development and perhaps some residential development that is denser and higher,” Marks, a Republican, said Tuesday. “Certainly more upscale restaurants and other businesses, I don’t think we have that right now.”

Marks said the area he’s going to be studying with a committee made up of local business and property owners and representatives of local community associations is bounded by Danyway Road to Oakleigh Road to the west and east, and the Beltway and Joan Avenue from the north to south. Those boundaries cover most, but not all, of the Loch Raven Commercial Revitalization District that’s been designated by Baltimore County.

Businesses inside revitalization districts in the county are eligible for certain tax credits if their investments increase the assessed value of a property by $100,000 or more. Businesses can also get 10 billable hours of work from an architect for free and receive interest-free loans for exterior building improvements.

The the area is “woefully” under-invested in, especially when considering its proximity to I-695, Marks said, adding that some recent projects, like a Starbucks where the Bel-Loc Diner used to stand and a Wawa gas station and convenience store on Joppa near Lasalle Road, showed examples of positive development in the region.

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