Baltimore County

The Baltimore County Council will soon consider and adopt its Master Plan 2030, finalizing a process that has been delayed three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The county began soliciting community input on the plan at meetings in the fall of 2021. Public comment ended April 14, though people can still send in feedback until Wednesday, May 17, at 12 p.m.

Every 10 years, Baltimore County considers how and where development should progress for the next decade with a emphasis on equity, sustainability and “livable communities.” The master plan is the end result of that process.

The plan, which the county released a draft of last month, recommends where housing, transportation and infrastructure should be built to connect communities. There also is emphasis on preserving open green space and “retrofitting” older developments for new uses.

The process is different from the comprehensive zoning map planning process, which takes place every four years, and allows residents to request zoning changes for properties throughout the county.

However, the draft master plan recommends that the county shift its zoning map process from every four years to every ten.

“The Master Plan 2030 establishes a vision and sets important priorities for our rapidly growing, diverse communities and maps out a better, more equitable and more sustainable Baltimore County,” County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. said in a statement. “[I] am confident the final plan will reflect the vision and needs of everyone who lives, works and visits Baltimore County.”

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