Some residents of Towson’s Wiltondale neighborhood say students from nearby Towson University are crowding them out of the community’s available on-street parking spaces.

As a result, Baltimore County Department of Public Works officials will host a public hearing Tuesday on whether to expand residential permit parking in the neighborhood.

“On most days I’ll come home from work and there will be no spaces in front of my own house to park,” Wiltondale resident Craig DeMallie said. “That’s the case with most of the people. It’s a safety and quality of life issue.”

However, not all residents agree that expanding the number of permits in the neighborhood would solve the problem. Some say the permits will merely shift student parking deeper into the neighborhood, farther from Towson University, where residents would have to apply separately to get their section of the neighborhood permitted if they desired.

The permits that officials are considering would allow residents on Worcester Road, between York Road and Aintree Road, and on Aintree Road, between Worcester Road and Coventry Place, to receive permits to park on the street at a cost of $32 for first-time applicants and $12 for each year after that. Fees are waived for those over the age of 65. The permits would restrict parking along the roads to permit holders only for a certain amount of time each day. The time frame is yet to be determined.

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