Anyone following news of the proposed Royal Farms PUD on York Road could be forgiven for feeling dubious at the mention of another PUD application nearby.

But over in the Southland Hills area of Towson, a PUD was recently submitted for the Bosley Mansion that is being met with optimism by the community.

A PUD (Planned Unit Development) is a request for permission to build a project that otherwise would not be allowed by current zoning. In order for a PUD to gain approval, the County Council “must determine that the PUD will achieve substantially higher-quality development than a conventional development or provide a public benefit that would otherwise not be obtained,” according to the county.

The would-be buyers of the Bosley Mansion, which until recently was an assisted-living facility called Presbyterian Home of Maryland that had operated since 1929, are Martin P. Azola, a developer known for adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and Delbert L. Adams, head of the high-end construction firm Delbert Adams Construction Group.

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