In his commentary, “The people have the power to stop unwanted development,” (Oct. 4), John Weaver makes a good point that neighborhood associations that work together can “have a positive impact on their communities.” But Mr. Weaver speaks out of turn in regard to efforts around preserving and redeveloping the historic Bosley Mansion in the Southland Hills neighborhood of Towson. Members of the Southland Hills Improvement Association, Save the Bosley Mansion committee, and residents who abut the property have already been working closely with Bosley Estates, LLC principals Marty Azola and Delbert Adams for more than four months to carefully and sensitively craft the redevelopment of the property. There have been other proposals ranging from turning the property into county offices to an assisted living facility. One such proposal called for demolishing the historic structure entirely, which was unacceptable to the families who live in our neighborhood.

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