Whatever happened to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? In recent years, Towson has seen a resurgence in development but often times projects emerge without the solicitation of input (at least seriously) by the residents most affected by such endeavors. Local government officials who have received campaign donations from major developers see these projects as good for business without affording proper consideration to how urban sprawl will effect the residents of those in close proximity to the development; just follow the money through County Council members and the county executive to see the developer-to-elected-official connection. Draw then on the correlation to see just whose projects receive approval.

Though individuals might seem powerless in these “David vs. Goliath” endeavors, the unity of the community can help equalize the playing field. Contemporary research underscores this. A peer reviewed article by Victor Turner titled, “Neighborhood Associations and Homeowner Associations: Do They Really Make a Difference in Your Community” that appeared in the September/October edition of Public Administration Review shows that this appears to be the case. Regardless of the association, members operating together can have a positive impact on their communities, the quality of life, and the value of their residences.

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