A revised development plan for the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue in Towson likely will not include a Royal Farms store or gas pumps — two features that some neighbors of the parcel vehemently oppose in the existing plan for the site — according to Baltimore County Council Chairman Tom Quirk and officials of the site’s Towson-based developer, Caves Valley Partners.

“I think we have a deal on the table right now where there will be no Royal Farms — no gas station,” Quirk said this week. Quirk has been leading negotiations on a new plan for the site that involves input from neighbors, community activists and Caves Valley officials.

Caves Valley has a contract to purchase the 5.8-acre, county-owned parcel in Towson for $8.3 million. However, its proposal to develop the parcel into commercial retail centered around a Royal Farms gas station stirred vocal and organized opposition from community members who say the plan is wrong for the site and will increase noise, crime and pollution in the area.

Quirk said in an interview this week that the county’s contract with the developer would have to be amended and a lower purchase negotiated to make up for the lack of the gas station. From there, a revised plan for the project would be sent to the county’s Development Review Committee, which is responsible for reviewing and approving development in the county.

“In other words, we’re going to throw it right back to the people again and let the people work through it,” said Quirk, a Democrat who represents Catonsville.

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