Now is the time for action on a Towson bus circulator [Editorial] –

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As an unprecedented wave of development gets under way in Towson, a close examination is necessary of the transportation infrastructure that must be in place to accommodate the boom in residents and visitors. The formation of a committee by 5th District Councilman David Marks to study a bus circulator is an important step in that direction.

The clock is ticking. The window of opportunity is closing for putting buses to work before the congestion hits.

The cluster of bars, restaurants, movie screens and a nightclub in the center of Towson will constitute one of Baltimore County’s major entertainment hubs, and this surge in density will inevitably make parking a deterrent for some and ultimately a problem that must be solved.

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  1. Ty Ford August 6, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Have them park on Kevin Kamenetz’s lawn and bus them around from there.

  2. Jade Clayton August 7, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    From another Baltimiore Sun article in March: “Panelist Andrea Van Arsdale, the county’s director of planning, said that because of the number of apartment complexes and new residents they will bring, the county is focusing on parking, roads, traffic and security.
    However, the county is not anticipating new road construction. ‘We’ll manage what we have better,’ she said, although street-scaping and security measures like upgraded public lighting are possibilities. ‘The police are on track for changes,’ she added, to be less parking meter enforcers and more helpful guides to visitors.”

    So you want to wait until traffic and parking are a total cluster, which you will then “manage” by asking your police force not to manage the parking but focus on acting as tour guides to the frustrated people who were finally able to find a parking spot blocks away from their destination, and will then walk where there will “possibly” be upgraded lighting and streetscaping to improve safety…. because crimes are never committed on pretty streets. I don’t have a planning degree, so I must need to find a Planning 101 book somewhere that explains how this makes sense.

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