Today, Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced that he will introduce legislation to make the social host program—which has helped deter unruly disturbances near college campuses—permanent and countywide.

The social host initiative levies penalties on tenants and landlords at rental properties where there are multiple disturbances.  This concept has been hailed for helping to improve the peace of mind in many neighborhoods.  Enacted in 2017, the pilot program is due to expire in 2022.  By making it countywide, Marks would make this idea a permanent part of the Baltimore County Code.
“Many communities outside Towson have asked for the ability to crack down on rental properties where there are repeated unruly disturbances,” Marks commented.  “I believe this will greatly improve peace and quiet throughout Baltimore County.”

Baltimore County Planning Board member Paul Hartman, who helped design the legislation, praised the effort.’

“The social host initiative has been very successful and it should be made permanent and countywide,” Hartman added.