As part of their initiative to plant 5,000 new trees by April, Baltimore County is offering an opportunity to plant 20 or more native trees for your backyard FOR FREE! Baltimore County’s Backyard Trees program will plant them next spring if you have at least 1/10th acre that is not already forested, in your front, side, or back yard.

Create a small forest from their extensive list of native species, in your front, side, or back yard. This is not intended to outline the yard or create a simple privacy wall, rather the goal is to grow as a stand of environment-enhancing shade trees and some understory trees!  In addition to the benefits to the environment such as habitat creation, removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, absorbing and filtering stormwater, homeowners will have less lawn area to manage.

Deadline for applications is 12/31/20. After you apply, they will follow up to help with planning.

Please spread the word about this opportunity!

Click on Backyard Trees Application for more information.