The Towson Communities Alliance executive board “met” electronically to decide the fate of the fireworks this year as we are the official sponsors of the event. It was unanimously decided that as it is less than two months away, we cannot sponsor a public event like this given the uncertainty of the virus’ potential second wave, and how long we will need to continue social distancing. So it is cancelled for this year.

Obviously this is a big disappointment to many who enjoy the July 4th show, so we will plan to have a bigger and better event next year, and hope that our sponsors will be able to support the celebration then. The Towson Fireworks are 100% funded by donations using no state or county government dollars. Donations are still welcome and will be used to provide a great event on July 4, 2021.

We wish that you all remain healthy and socially distant for the remaining time, howe’er long that be.

Best wishes,
TCA Board

Source: July 2020 Towson Fireworks Cancelled – Towson Fireworks