County Councilman David Marks introduced a resolution last week that would scrap a requirement that the redevelopers of historic Bosley Mansion widen surrounding roads as part of the project.

“The community clearly believes that the roads in this neighborhood should not be widened and that as much of the green lawn should be preserved as possible,” said Marks, who represents Towson on the council.

Since last spring Baltimore developers Marty Azola, of Azola Cos., and Delbert Adams, of Delbert Adams Construction Group, have been partnering under Bosley Estates LLC to develop the property at 400 Georgia Court into high-end condominiums, while preserving the 149-year-old historic mansion.

The resolution would pave the way for the Planned Unit Development project, which would build 33 high-end condominiums costing between $750,000 and $1.5 million, to move forward, Adams said.

It will be up for a vote at the County Council on Nov. 5, Marks said. The council often approves local resolutions like this as a courtesy to the area’s representative.

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