The Presbyterian Home of Maryland said today it has found a buyer for its historic property in Towson’s Southland Hills neighborhood. The buyers are Martin P. Azola, a developer known for adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and Delbert L. Adams, head of the high-end construction firm Delbert Adams Construction Group.

Azola said in an interview Wednesday that the pair, working as Bosley Estates, LLC, are still in the fact-finding stage but their initial plan is to convert the properties into condominiums. The exact number is still up in the air, he said, but they are hoping to have up to 40 units. He said the building might not accommodate that number, though, and that it is currently zoned for up to 28 units.

“The mansion has been worked over, over its lifetime and it’s not pristine but we would certainly restore the exterior. There are some glaring things need to be changed; we desperately want to take the cell tower off the roof,” Azola said. “But basically the exterior would stay as it is and the interior would be changed.”

He said the extensive lawn would have improved landscaping and will likely remain open space that nearby residents can utilize.

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