\Recent coverage of state Sen. Jim Brochin’s bill to eliminate the perception of “pay to play” in Baltimore County has raised some important issues (“Brochin proposes ban on developer contributions in Baltimore County,” Jan. 16).

First and most surprising is that rather than support this effort, many in government are reacting negatively.

For what seems like an eternity, the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations and other responsible organizations have been struggling to have a voice in the development of Baltimore County, especially in the Towson area. GTCCA remains involved in a legal case involving the 101 York development.

In order for those representing the interests of homeowners and citizens to be truly free of corporate influence it seems eminently logical to restrict financial contributions from those who stand to most directly impact the quality of life for residents of Baltimore County, namely land developers and land use corporations.

Source: Time to ban ‘pay to play’ in Baltimore County – Baltimore Sun