It is stunning to read that residents of Towson should actually want a massive dormitory as part of the ‘gateway’ – according to Mr. Kevin Scally’s letter published on Sept. 2. As a current resident of Towson Manor Village, the problem with 101 York has never been about preventing development. It will be a dream when that stretch of York Road is fresh and new and accessible. There is no disputing that.

For many people, it’s about the process. Many people filled up the conference room in the Marriott Hotel over a year ago for the first community input meeting, and it never felt honest. The room was too small; only half the crowd could actually see their poster boards. It was filled with community members, surrounding business owners, and other Towson interests. Concerns were expressed, and the theme was the size. It is so big and just doesn’t fit in that space. I recall someone referring to pegs and square holes.

Source: 101 York process never felt honest [Towson letter] – Baltimore Sun