I’m stunned to read yet another roadblock to removing an eyesore in Towson. York Road is the gateway to town from the south. Right past the university we see a Starbucks and a bank — pretty much Anytown, USA. Unfortunately, it quickly goes downhill from there. Despite being flanked to the east with new half-million dollar townhomes, the west shows decay and abandonment. And given the objections to 101 York project presented by the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations, one can only surmise it is because the group president does not like it.

The fights presented have no validity. At one time, the objection to the project was it will cause too much traffic. (Guys, the project takes 400 cars off the road from commuting to Towson University). Then the objection was: not enough parking — which led to an increase in size and scope of the project, not only for parking but also as a return on investment. Now GTCCA president Mike Ertel has said about the project: “It’s like a sore thumb.”

Source: The real `sore thumb¿ in Towson is the gateway [Letters to the editor] – Baltimore Sun