If Baltimore County performs any regular task that can be described as “epic,” it’s probably the once-every-four-years zoning overhaul known as CZMP, which stands for Comprehensive Zoning Map Process. The process is gearing up now, set to culminate in September 2016 when the County Council will vote on a revised zoning map.

The ensuing 15 months will see hundreds of rezoning requests submitted for review, ranging from the frivolous to the serious, with most falling in between. Developers with pet projects that do not currently conform to zoning designations for the land where the project is proposed will be petitioning the council to rezone the parcel. Community associations and property owners will be alert for rezoning proposals with the potential for unpleasant encroachment on their suburban communities. County planners will review each one and flag them as conforming or nonconforming as they relate to the county’s growth goals.

It might be assumed that a petitioner must “qualify” in some respect to submit a CZMP request. Nope. Anyone can do it, although the usual participants are individual landowners, contract participants, community organizations, county staff, the planning board and County Council itself.

(Original article on Baltimore Sun website has been deleted): Property owners take note: again time for epic rezoning – Baltimore Sun