Towson Finished Water Reservoir Cover & Miscellaneous Improvements

Community Update
April 30, 2013

Scope of Work:

Construction of a new storm drain system in Far Hills Drive and Hillen Road.

Demolition of the existing Towson Reservoir and construction of a new Covered Finished Reservoir; work to be completed in 2 Phases:

  1. Demolition and construction of the Covered West Basin and associated work.
  2. Demolition and construction of the Covered East Basin and associated work.

Replacement of the pump station electrical motor control center and pump valves and vaults.

Site Security and Instrumentation improvements.

Replacement of a section of the 36″ water influent main and valves along the west curb lane of Stevenson Lane.

Landscaping improvements; removal of dead & dying trees.

Contact Personnel:


Baltimore City Construction Project Supervisor
Mr. Avon Holland: 410-396-3671

Baltimore City Engineering Supervisor
Mrs. Larisa Feldsher: 410-396-7300

Baltimore County Engineer:
Mr. Gerald McHenry: 410-887-3783

Design Engineer: Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


Project Status: April 30, 2013


Contract Amount $18,393,000.00
Notice to Proceed 7-12-2010
Construction Time 1155 Calendar Days
Contract Completion Date 9-9-2013
Percent Contract Completed 75 %
Schedule Status Approx. 47 days behind schedule; time recovery proposals being developed.


Progress to Date:

The Construction Schedule has been approved and is updated monthly. In addition, the team has reviewed and processed approximately 266 submittals for approval of equipment and materials to be used for this project. The construction team holds monthly Progress Meetings to evaluate construction progress. The contract is behind schedule. The City and the contractor met to determine areas where the schedule may be accelerated, to regain lost time. As a result the contractor began 10-hours days, Monday through Saturday, to recover lost schedule time starting on March 9, 2013.


Utility Work:

The first construction work, in accordance with the planned sequence of construction, is the construction of the new storm drain, inlets and manholes in Hillen Road and Far Hills Drive. This work is necessary to provide a larger storm drainage system for the Reservoir property. This work is complete.

Permanent paving for areas disturbed on Hillen Road and Far Hills Drive will be completed and coordinated with the County near completion of Phase II, as heavy construction equipment use ceases. The County inspector concurs with this plan.


West Basin Work Completed:

The West Basin is in service.

Backfill and grading at the new West Basin is on-going, as weather permits.

Brickwork and Precast Masonry work is on-going on the West Basin exterior walls, as weather permits.


Phase II Work:

The contractor has begun work operations for Phase II of the project which entails the construction of the East Basin and related piping work.

The contractor has completed Phase II demolition of the East Basin.

Construction of the new East Basin Slab Footers, Column Footers and Walls is ongoing.

Construction of East Basin Influent Piping is complete; testing and chlorination in progress; initial chlorination passed successfully.

Construction of the Effluent Piping for Phase II is complete from the Effluent Chlorination and Meter Vault to Vault B.


Community Concerns:

1. Concern:

The contractor stated they received an unconfirmed complaint from a resident of Far Hills Drive concerning vibration to their residence during demolition. There have not been any further complaints.


The contractor hired a specialty firm to monitor vibration during the installation of the sheet-pile protection wall. The reports indicate that the work did not exceed unsafe limits. The contractor and inspection team will continue to monitor work operations for any excessive vibration. This phase of work is complete.



The County received a complaint regarding excessive mud and stone on the adjacent roadways on January 19, 2011.


The contractor was directed to clean the roadways immediately and to establish a schedule for inspection and cleaning of the roadways on a regular basis. The roadways have been satisfactory since that incident. The contractor is maintaining daily clean-up of the streets. No further complaints have been received.


3. Concern:

The existing water service to 1210 Stevenson Lane runs through the Towson Reservoir property and interferes with the planned construction of the new West Basin.


The City approved construction of a new temporary water service to be constructed away from the location of the new basin facilities; this work was expedited, after approval, and has been completed. A new, permanent water service from Stevenson Lane is under design and will be constructed under this project.


4. Concern:

Several neighbors on Garden Road have complained, through Councilman Marks’ office, that there is excessive noise from waiting dump trucks, prior to the required 7:00 AM start time for construction activities.


The contractor has notified their subcontractor about the restriction to begin any construction activity prior to 7:00 AM each day. The contractor has also been advised to modify the truck scheduling plan to avoid having waiting trucks on residential streets. The inspection staff will also monitor this situation and take appropriate action if further violations are witnessed. No new complaints received.


5. Concern:

11-16-11: Residents filed complaints about the contractor working past the agreed upon 11:00 PM curfew deadline at Stevenson Lane, during construction of the new Influent Manifold.


The contractor was inadvertently given permission by the onsite inspector to complete a work phase that night. All contract parties were subsequently told that no violations of the 11:00 PM deadline would be allowed under any circumstances. This included written notification to the contractor. There were no further infractions of the curfew deadline by the contractor.


6. Concern:

Baltimore City reports that a motorist has filed a claim for tire damage due to construction activities on Stevenson Lane.


It has been recommended that the complaint for damage be transmitted to the contractor for investigation and action by their office and/or insurance company. We will follow-up and coordinate with contract parties.


7. Concern:

Baltimore County received an unconfirmed report from a resident on Dogwood Lane asking if recent issues with her water service could have been related to the influent manifold work performed by the contractor in Stevenson Lane.



The Baltimore City Construction Management team will monitor the situation and respond to any further complaints. To date, no other complaints regarding water service interruptions or water quality have been received from residents in that neighborhood.


8. Concern:

An inquiry was received as to when final paving would be completed on the perimeter roads due to the utility work completed.


The County was informed that permanent paving on Stevenson Lane has been completed. Areas of Hillen Road and Far Hills Road which were disturbed have been temporarily paved. Permanent paving will be completed following work activities requiring heavy truck traffic on those roads. All temporary paving is monitored and repaired as necessary.


9. Concern:

A resident on Garden Road expressed concern about the amount of truck traffic on Garden Road associated with Phase II construction of this project.


The concern was discussed with the contractor and the firm responsible for the trucks was directed to maintain proper speed in the residential neighborhoods. In addition, attempts will be made to schedule trucks to lessen the truck congestion along Garden Road.


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