Let’s keep showing our massive community support!

Let the County Council know we do NOT need another gas station in TOWSON!

The Council members will vote on Resolution 68-17. If they vote in favor of the resolution, it will REMOVE the gas station as an option.

This is not just local. Because this vote sets a County-wide precedent, we encourage you to INVITE ANY COUNTY RESIDENT YOU KNOW TO ATTEND. A vote in favor of Resolution 68-17 allows the Council to preserve its authority to act in the best insterets of the community.

Monday, August 7th at 6:00 PM

Historic County Courthouse
400 Washington Avenue
Council Chambers, 2nd floor

Please also email council members before the vote on August 7th to let them know you are in FAVOR OF Resolution 68-17 to stop the gas station project.

Click for County Council contact information.