TOWSON, MD – As Towson University grows, more and more students move into the near-by neighborhoods. Along with the new faces, homeowners started seeing an increase in loud, large parties at these off-campus rentals.

“We’ve had a house, relatively close by where we’ve had twelve police cars called, and they had to put out about 250 people,” said David Riley, Vice President of the Knollwood Association.

So last January the Baltimore County Council approved the “Social Host- Unruly Social Gatherings Pilot Program.” It’s a two-year trial in certain communities around Towson University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Councilman David Marks spearheaded the legislation aimed at cutting back on conduct that disturbs the peace.

“Traditionally, the county has focused on only the renters, under this pilot program we’re also targeting landlords,” he said. “If there is unruly behavior not only the renters, but the landlords are held responsible as well.”

Source: Baltimore County Council members want to expand reach of law aimed at stopping loud parties –
Update 3/7/2019: The story is no longer available on the website.