Over the past several years, Towson Manor Village and surrounding communities have vigorously opposed dense, high-rise development within the Towson Triangle due to conflicts arising from increased traffic, storm water management, parking deficiencies, light and sound pollution and the general aesthetics of our skyline.

Our opposition to BMCT zoning within the Towson Triangle has been well established, and the CZMP requests in issues 5018 and 5023 from DMS Developers and the American Legion will allow even larger buildings with less parking and little input from the surrounding communities and stakeholders who will be most dramatically impacted.

If our government is functioning to represent its citizens, it is difficult to see how the County Council could consider supporting up zoning to BMCT for either of these issues. We are the citizens; we are their constituents. This is the moment where they show your voters if they side with them or with developers.

(Original article on Baltimore Sun website has been deleted): Neighbors fear project’s impact on traffic, stormwater, parking and noise – Baltimore Sun