Community members gathered outside the Historic Courthouse in Towson Monday night to rally for more green areas ahead of two separate County Council meetings that night centered on how Towson would be zoned and redeveloped in the future.

Led by the Green Towson Alliance, a local environmental group, a small group of people carried signs with slogans such as “make Towson beautiful” and “just say ‘no’ to the concrete jungle.” Sen. Jim Brochin, County Councilman David Marks, and Del. Steve Lafferty addressed the crowd.

“The mission is that we can’t let Towson be sold off to developers,” Brochin said. “We have to take the key back from developers because they have the key to Towson right now.”

Brochin advocated keeping Towson from becoming “pure concrete.” Lafferty said Towson needed a zoning plan that includes green spaces, adding that he supported a proposal to rewrite Towson’s zoning laws submitted by Marks.

Source: Environmental group rallies for more open space in future Towson – Baltimore Sun