Towson is a center for law, medicine, higher education and government, with strong neighborhoods and a bright future. Its residents, business owners, and visitors expect a safe community.

Since 2010, our office has worked with the County Executive and the Towson precinct on several initiatives to enhance public safety. Our office has worked to increase the number of police at the Towson precinct. We have also worked to improve lighting throughout Downtown Towson; to expand traffic calming and reduce speeding; and to enlarge the Citizens on Patrol program, a neighborhood watch program. In 2014, the County Council passed legislation aimed at reducing the likelihood of robberies by banning electronic cell phone recycling kiosks.

Recent events in the Towson area have highlighted the importance of public safety. No one should feel unsafe living in Towson or working at or patronizing a business in Towson. Customers and employees should be able to leave Towson Town Center without worrying about excessive loitering.

Source: Improving Safety in Greater Towson | County Councilman David Marks