Some developers in booming downtown Towson will pay greater fees than previously required to help pay for creation of new parks and open space under a plan approved by the Baltimore County Council on Monday.

Legislation sponsored by Councilman David Marks, a Republican who represents Towson, was more than a year in the making and followed complaints from residents and sports groups that the growing community lacks fields, parks and trails.”

This has been the most complex issue I’ve had to deal with on the County Council,” Marks said prior to the council’s unanimous vote in favor.In Baltimore County, developers must include in their projects a certain amount of open space for each residential unit. If they can’t — or if they choose not to — developers can pay a fee to the county instead that’s used to buy and develop public parks elsewhere.

But in Towson, exemptions on the books — crafted years ago to spur development — meant some developers have paid little to nothing in such fees.

(Original article on Baltimore Sun website has been deleted): Developers to pay more for open space in Towson – Baltimore Sun