Baltimore County Code Enforcement unveiled a new mobile system Thursday that will allow citizens to register and track neighborhood nuisance issues such as overgrown lawns, uncovered garbage and rats online.

“This is a $1.13 million platform that automates code enforcement process, inspections and enforcement efforts,” County Executive Kevin Kamenetz told a gathering of members of the press and community leaders at the Historic Courthouse in Towson Thursday. “You’ll be able to electronically report and track code enforcement notices countywide.”

The system allows code enforcement officials to spend more time in the field, where they can access complaints on an iPad, take a photo, make a report, and issue a citation without putting pen to paper, officials said.

County employees demonstrated the new system on Thursday. A sample complaint was filed as attendees followed the online path, locating the code enforcement request page and then the complaint. The website can be directly accessed at

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