The Baltimore County Council unanimously approved legislation Tuesday night that will allow law enforcement to impose civil fines against rowdy residents and their landlords, expanding and cementing a Towson pilot program that neighborhood groups said successfully tamped down noise complaints.

Dubbed the social host ordinance, the program was first launched in 2016 to address years of tension between permanent residents and Towson University students over loud parties and was later expanded to the area around University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Tenants and their landlords would be on the hook should they be reported for unruly noise. On a first violation, landlords and tenants could receive a written warning or possibly a $500 civil penalty. If there’s a second violation within two years of the first offense, they’re hit with at least a $500 fine. If the issue persists, offenders may be ordered to pay $1,000 and landlords could lose their rental license.

“Many communities outside Towson have asked for the ability to crack down on rental properties where there are repeated unruly disturbances,” said Councilman David Marks, a Republican who sponsored the bill and helped establish the pilot program.

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