March 29, 2018
Re: Towson Station

In January, 2018 the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations (GTCCA) and Caves Valley Partners (CVP) reached an agreement concerning the proposed Towson Station project at the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue in the northern area of Towson. GTCCA objected to the planned construction of a convenience store with a gas fueling station that would be open 24 hours per day.

CVP has agreed to remove the convenience store and fueling station from the plan, put the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process on hold, and submit a new development plan to Baltimore County.

GTCCA will honor the terms of the agreement. However, we reserve the right as stipulated in the agreement to offer constructive comments regarding the development of the site.

Individuals and GTCCA member associations are free to do whatever they want. GTCCA cannot prevent them from opposing or supporting any development project.

The agreement should not be interpreted to mean that GTCCA:

1. Endorses a plan that is not pedestrian or environmentally friendly, and doesn’t reflect Master Plan or zoning design goals for the site.

2. Agrees with a reduced price for the property that is below market value and inflates value of the revitalization tax credit.

3. Guarantees that a fueling station will not end up on the site, since CVP retains the right to revert to the PUD for Royal Farms concept if the County fails to approve a purchase price reduction within 90 days of the effective date (by 4/12/18) and/or approves a plan that is “materially different” from CVP’s proposed plan.



The Greater Towson Council of Community Associations (GTCCA) is a nonprofit umbrella organization representing the interests and concerns of more than thirty community associations in the Greater Towson Maryland area.

Caves Valley Partners is a real estate development company concentrating on the Baltimore metropolitan area with headquarters in Towson.



Downloadable PDF version of GTCCA Position Statement