A message from our friends at the Greater Timonium Community Council:

In case you have not heard, the Timonium Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Maryland Jockey Club is proposing to have a year-round off track betting facility. They are also planning an extensive restaurant facility, with liquor service. If you could ask members of the GTCCA to go to Change.org and search for “No off track betting at Timonium” to sign a petition it would be appreciated. We also see this OTB facility as the first step towards a full casino at the Fairgrounds, although that would require referendum approval.

Finally, a public meeting held by the Racing Commission is scheduled for Feb. 11 at 6PM at the Mosner-Miller Bldg. on the Fairgrounds (next to the 4 H building) if any of your members are interested in attending.

Eric Rockel, President, Greater Timonium Community Council