Loch Raven Village Fireworks 2015Donate to the (only) Towson-area Fireworks!
To be Held in Loch Raven Village, July 4th 2015.

Download flyer: Fireworks Flyer 2015.

The Associates of Loch Raven Village (ALRV) community association needs your help! Please donate to ensure that the Towson area fireworks light up the sky this July 4th:

Donate by check Make checks payable to
Associates of Loch Raven Village, Inc.
Include “Fireworks” in the memo line.
Mail to: ALRV P.O. Box 9721,
Loch Raven, MD 21284-9721.

Donate online via GoFundMe:
(GoFundMe link no longer active)

More Ways to Support:

  • Spread the word on Facebook and other social media outlets that this project needs funding.
  • Ask neighbors and friends to be sure to donate.
  • Ask local businesses and folks in surrounding communities for their financial support/donation.
  • Participate in the upcoming Fireworks Raffle!

Thank you for supporting this Towson-area community tradition!
Keep the Tradition Going!
20+ YEARS Strong

Questions or Funding Ideas?
Visit us on Facebook: facebook.com/LochRavenVillage
or email LochRavenVillageEvents@gmail.com