Tenants at Aspen Heights Towson, an apartment complex that partnered with Towson University to offer housing for college students, still have no answers on when they’ll be allowed to move into apartments that a county inspector said in September were not yet fit for occupancy.

The 13-floor building at 101 York Road still has not passed its fire alarm or final occupancy inspections, property managers updated tenants in a Saturday email. They’ve blamed the number of available county inspectors as well as the limited schedule of the fire marshal for the delays, but said Saturday in an email they expected another inspection this week, and now anticipate some tenants assigned to live on floors 3 through 6 will be able to move in Oct. 5.

Baltimore County “has repeatedly inspected this site,” and the Fire Marshal’s Office has found “multiple violations regarding the site’s fire protection system, including a violation during an inspection today,” said Sean Naron, county spokesman.

“County inspectors are continuing to work with the company to alleviate all issues and ensure the safety of the building,” he said. “Due to the size and number of floors in the building, inspections have been completed in phases by floors, as in all buildings this size.”

The company has said construction will continue past Oct. 5 on the 10th through 13th floors, but has not given an estimated completion date. It also said it has passed inspections for individual floors 8 and below.

Aspen Heights Towson, one of about 19 student apartment buildings in the Midwest and Southeast managed by Breckenridge Property Management, notified tenants in an mid-August email that they would not be moving in on their scheduled move-in date eight days later because “of a minor delay from Kinsley Construction,” the contractor, due to the coronavirus pandemic that postponed final inspections.

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