It’s a common question to which an increasing number of Baltimore County households have NO ANSWER!

Before the Pandemic, 119,000 Baltimore County residents (11% of the population) did not have the means to put nutritionally adequate and safe foods on the table, and more than 90,000 of them did not qualify for public benefits. Now that over 46,000 people have filed for unemployment in Baltimore County (the highest number of claims in the State), a bad problem has snowballed.

Laurie Taylor-Mitchell, President of Student Support Network reported last week; “our small organization… has been collecting and distributing food at two sites one day a week since schools closed in Baltimore County.  Despite marked increases in donations… we are still regularly running out of food in about an hour as the need is growing exponentially each week. We are getting e-mails from parents who have lost jobs and are running out of food for their children”.

The Baltimore Sun described the situation accurately: “Behind health care, food is arguably the biggest need in communities right now.” (The Sun, 4/21/2020, p. 8). The problem is unprecedented and it requires an unprecedented response.


TCA has joined other Towson area associations as part of a campaign to ADAPT:

Ask Donors to Aid Pandemic-relief Today

TCA is trying to spread the word about the campaign of asking donors to aid pandemic relief NOW.

If you open the website shown below, a list of local organizations helping to feed Baltimore County families in need is shown.

Please consider:

  • Making a donation to one of the groups listed on the ADAPT website
  • Sharing the information about the ADAPT campaign with friends, neighbors and family. Send a link to this page or send this PDF document.

Together, we can help our neighbors in need put dinner on the table.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lorrie Geiss
TCA President