By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Assistant News Editor
Photo by Marcus Dieterle/ The Towerlight

The Baltimore County Council is reviewing a resolution for the redevelopment of Bosley Mansion.

The resolution was introduced by Councilman David Marks during the council’s Jan. 16 meeting.

Developers Marty Azola and Delbert Adams of Bosley Estates LLC are looking to convert the mansion into 45 condominiums. The resolution would approve a review for the project.

According to Marks, approval is necessary for the redevelopment to continue, as original zoning of the mansion would only allow for developers to put 28 condominiums on the property instead of the proposed 45.

“All the resolution does is begin the review of the project,” Marks said. “It’s a Planned Unit Development, which means you have to provide special council approval for a project that’s denser than the zoning allows.”

If the council votes to approve the resolution, which Marks believes it will, the resolution will continue through the formal review process.

“[The formal review process is] handled by the executive branch of the government,” Marks said. “It usually takes about a year, at which point the developer has to get building permits, then they can start construction.”

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