Rally for Better Towson Zoning

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Towson is in DANGER of having more development like the TOP pictures. If YOU want a walkable, enjoyable, shopping, working and living experience in our popular and growing city, come and support the vision of the BOTTOM photos at a rally.

Demonstration begins outside in Patriot Plaza, located between the Historic Courthouse and the Baltimore County Circuit Court, Monday @ 5:30 pm.

PLEASE stay and hold signs during testimony at the County Council meeting inside the courthouse @ 6:00 pm.

County Courthouse Room 205
400 Washington Ave
Towson, MD 21204

One Comment

  1. Dolores Astroth June 2, 2016 at 9:06 am

    I’m all for a beautiful, walkable, green Towson but Towson has to address its quality of life issues. I’ve lived in Towson most of my life and and greatly saddened to see how it has deteriorated. Just recently I walked by a house near the cinema and ran into a man urinating. I have seen men with open containers of beer walking in the 500 block of York Road on a Saturday morning. A week ago a woman was lying on a sidewalk in front of Barnes & Noble. You can’t walk by the concrete flower boxes in front of Barnes & Noble without be accosted by someone asking for money. One screams profanities, another is the person who broke the hand of the busker who use to play his guitar in front of Urban Outfitters. None of the problems are caused by students.

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