This week, the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations, which has been fighting for quality of life in Towson’s residential neighborhoods for nearly four decades, is honoring its “senior senators.”

That’s the nickname GTCCA vice president and former president Mike Ertel has bestowed on long-term members Dick Parsons, 87, and Don Gerding, 82.

Parsons and Gerding are the first recipients on March 20 of the GTCCA Appreciation Award, which has been established “to recognize outstanding service to the Towson community,” according to GTCCA president Paul Hartman. In fact, he explained, the award was established last month by “overwhelming, unanimous” vote as a way of honoring the two men for their service to the all-volunteer umbrella organization that represents 30 Towson neighborhoods. He’s not sure when or if there will be future recipients.

Describing them as “the bedrock” of the council, Hartman said, “We wanted to recognize their consistent huge dedication.”

Members — and presidents — have come and gone,” he said, “But Dick and Don persevered.”

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