News from Councilman David Marks:

I wanted to report that BGE will implement a tree trimming and removal effort throughout northeast Towson in 2013, part of a system wide effort to improve the reliability of electrical service.

BGE will trim trees and, where necessary, remove hazardous trees that have obvious signs of defect or decay. They will do this throughout an area served by the East Towson substation.  It will affect homes and businesses in East Towson and Campus Hills, including those along Cromwell Bridge Road, Fairmount Avenue, Goucher Boulevard, Joppa Road, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Providence Road.

Residents whose property requires vegetation management work will be notified in advance, usually two to four weeks before the work is done.  If tree removal is required, a signed consent form from the property owner will be obtained.

The underground placement of lines is occurring along portions of Stevenson Lane, Cedar Avenue, Newberry Lane, Knollwood Road and Fairway Drive.   The tree trimming will hopefully help with reliability in Campus Hills and other areas of northern Towson.  I will continue to work for upgrades to Towson’s electrical network.

County Councilman David Marks

Historic Courthouse
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 887-3384

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